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Indicators of shared value, living a fully ethical life with social return on investment improve the world and activate a dynamic culture Indicators of shared value.

What we did_

Brand Strategy & Narrative,  Messaging, Naming, Visual Concept & direction, Logo Concept & Design, Packaging Design, Imagery and Brand Guidelines

The original concept and nature of this project was enough to get our creative juice flowing. Inspired by women empowerment, we opted for a mix of dark & bright colors of hair. The outcome was a very positive and welcoming Brand image.

Brand Personality

Our brand personality is a natural expression of our values. Everything we say or do reflects the different facets of our personality.

The “EtaWoman” is the brand target audience. Therefore the brand will be very well considered through the eyes and mind of the “EtaWoman” and so we can seek ways to bring the brand into their everyday life.


To become a luxurious brand that consistently delivers quality in all our products and a community that makes woman feel Comfortable, Bold And Empowered.


Create opportunities to women, making them comfortable and feeling beautiful in their own body by inspiring them to be Authentic, Bold and Honest.

Core Value Proposition

We provide quality hair at reasonable prices to empower women with greater opportunities.


To enrich women lives through inspired and empowered community.